About Gentle Chiropractic

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A Breakthrough in Healing

Imagine thirty to forty years ago, if we told you that dentistry could be painless, that doctors would watch computer screens to perform surgeries, or that brain surgery for tumors could be done with a laser – you would not have believed me! By the same token, would you believe me if we told you that Chiropractic treatments and balancing of the nervous system can be done comfortably, while you are sitting in a chair; without any turning, popping, cracking or sudden movements? Would you believe that newborns as well as the elderly can be treated safely and gently? With advances in computer and engineering technologies, you can believe it! The Sigma Instrument is a medical devise using state-of-the-art technology to analyze and treat the human body in such a way that has never before been realized. Ending pain and restoring full nervous system function has never been easier.   

How the Sigma Instrument works

Chiropractic is based on an understanding of Health through Balance. Health is a state of optimal balance, where all your systems are working as they should. Symptoms, as in pain or digestive problems, are alerts to an imbalance. First, Dr. Habanova uses the Sigma Instrument to take readings of your spine. The Sigma Instrument measures precise levels of motion and accurately determines whether each vertebra is moving properly or not. When each vertebra is moving in balance with the next vertebra then optimal health can occur. When certain vertebra are not moving properly then imbalances exist and symptoms begin. The longer the imbalance the greater the symptom or condition gets. By delivering a gentle “tap” and analyzing your vertebra’s movement, the Sigma Instrument allows Dr. Habanova to know what areas of your spine are not functioning correctly. This technology allows her to easily isolate these problem areas faster and more accurately than ever before.  All your spinal readings are displayed graphically on-screen allowing for you and Dr. Habanova to discuss your findings prior to being treated. Dr. Habanova then uses the Sigma Instrument to treat the non-functioning vertebra of your spine. Gentle precise “taps” with uninterrupted motion are delivered to align your vertebrae. The Sigma Instrument is able to increase the mobility of these spinal segments by enabling motion in the non-functioning vertebra. In other words, Dr. Habanova is “unsticking” the joints allowing the vertebrae to move normally which creates Health through Balance.


How can anything so gentle and comfortable change my spine?

As Dr. Habanova applies the gentle resonant force impulses (“taps”) precisely to the non-functioning vertebra of your spine, you will receive effective treatment to those specific areas, thereby reducing vertebral subluxations. Reducing vertebral subluxations relieves pressure on the nerves, allowing the nerves to heal and restore their ability to transmit signals to and from the brain and body without interruption. Dr. Habanova will take readings of your spinal alignment both before and after the treatment.     



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