Can Pilates Eliminate Back Pain?

Treating Causes of Low Back Pain at The Pilates Wellness Center in Wellington, FL


If your back pain is due to:

  • Poor Posture
  • Incorrect biomechanics
  • Lack of stretching
  • Core weakness
  • Scolosis
  • Spinal joint compression
  • Herniated Disc/Bulge
  • Osteoporosis

The above places pressure and stresses on your spine that eventually leads to lower back pain. If left unattended, more serious conditions can occur.

Rehabilitative Pilates eliminates back pain by doing a series of corrective therapeutic exercises that:

Decompress joints
Increases range of motion
Lubricates joints
Decreases muscle stiffness and spasms
Conditions the surrounding muscles to be healthy and fit
Increases circulation so healing can take place
Strengthens bones to be stronger
Restores proper posture and teaches you new movement patterns so you do not revert back to bad habits or poor posture