First Infared Sauna Session Information

First Visit Advice

To help ensure a successful first Infrared Sauna appointment, please:

  1. Print and fill out your Infrared Sauna Intake Form at home before your appointment and bring your filled out paperwork with you. You can also arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out your paperwork. Please keep in mind, all appointments start and finish on time. We appreciate if your paperwork is completely filled out before your appointment time starts.

  3. You are required to wear a bathing suit while in the sauna. It is best not to wear any jewelry or lotion/creams. Bring a large beach towel for you to sit / lay on while in the sauna and a small face towel to wipe away the toxins as you perspire. We will provide floor towels for you.

  4. This is a great time to be still and meditate. Enjoy the chromotherapy. If you like, you can also bring a book to read or an ipod to listen to music.

  6. A snack or meal an hour before your appointment is recommended. Please do not arrive starved nor stuffed. Drink plenty of water the day of your appointment, and bring plenty of water with you. If you can add electrolytes to your water even better.


What to Expect

Here is a rundown of what to expect during your Infrared Sauna Appointment.

Check-In & Fill Out Forms

Infrared Sauna Forms:

  • Fill out our New Client Intake Form*
  • Review and sign our Consent Forms*

    In order to save time, we encourage you to print and fill out your Infrared Sauna Intake Form at home before your appointment.

*All medical records are safely stored and your health information will never be entered into a computer or transmitted electronically.


Get Ready….and Enjoy!

After you checked in, you will be escorted to the Infrared Sauna Room

  • Please turn off or silence all devices that may bother other clients receiving treatments in neighboring rooms
  • Choose which chromotherapy setting you would like
  • Change into your bathing suit
  • Remove your jewelry
  • Set up your towels
  • Bring water and your book or ipod with you into the sauna.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your session.

For your relaxation and listening pleasure, you can select from a menu of recorded Guided Relaxation / Hypnosis recordings, created by renowned Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist Laura King. These recordings are designed to work on a sub-conscious level to help deepen your mind / body connection to improve healing. Please bring ear-buds if you wish to listen to these recordings. 

If you need a little break, you can always step out of the sauna until you feel ready to go back in. Drink plenty of water during your session.

After an Infrared Sauna session, some people feel rejuvenated and energized, others blissful and spaced out, while some feel fatigued. It is not necessarily the same for everyone every time. Drink plenty of water, preferably with electrolytes. Your core body temperature will return to normal within 1 hour. It is best to wait till then to take a shower.


Check out

When your time is finished, exit the Infrared Sauna and our front desk staff will help you check out before you continue on with your day.