First Massage Therapy Information

First Massage Therapy Visit Advice

To help ensure a successful first Massage Therapy appointment, please:

  1. Print and fill out your Massage Therapy Intake Form at home before your appointment and bring your filled out paperwork with you. You can also arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out your paperwork. Please keep in mind, all appointments start and finish on time. We appreciate if your paperwork is completely filled out before your appointment time starts.

  3. If you are receiving a Thai Massage, please wear long stretchy ankle length cotton pants, clean socks and a cotton T-shirt that covers your full torso.

  5. A snack or meal an hour before your appointment is recommended. Please do not arrive starved nor stuffed. Drink plenty of water the day of your appointment, and bring plenty of water with you. If you can add electrolytes to your water even better.


What to Expect

Here is a rundown of what to expect during your Massage Therapy Appointment.

Check-In & Fill Out Forms

  • Fill out our Massage Therapy Form.
  • Review and sign our Consent* Forms

    In order to save time, we encourage you to print and completely fill out your Massage Therapy Intake Form at home before your appointment.

*All medical records are safely stored and your health information will never be entered into a computer or transmitted electronically.

Meet with Your Practitioner, Review & Assess

Your initial assessment will be conducted in a private massage therapy room. A massage therapy assessment at The Pilates Wellness Center typically involves:

  • A detailed review of your Health Questionnaire form
  • A thorough understanding of your massage goals and needs

The assessment is designed to help identify which therapeutic techniques are best for you based on your goals and needs.  This is a great time for you to ask any questions that you have.


Get Comfortable – Table Massage

After your assessment, the massage therapist will exit the room if you are receiving a table massage

  • Undress to your comfort level (usually leaving undergarments on)
  • Remove any jewelry
  • Tie long hair back
  • Lie face up or face down (based on Massage Therapist instructions) under the massage sheet
  • Based on your needs, you may request the table warmer to be turned on

Make yourself comfortable and your massage therapist will be with you shortly

Massage Therapy – Table

Therapeutic Massages at The Pilates Wellness Center include a variety of techniques based on need:

  • Myofacial Release / Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
  • Assisted Stretching/Table Thai
  • Cranio – Sacral
  • Reflexology
  • possible use of Essential Oils
  • Your massage therapist will customize the massage to your needs

Session are 60 mins or 90 mins in length.  Massage lotion used in hypo-allergenic.

Get Comfortable – Thai Massage

After your assessment, the massage therapist will escort you to the Thai mat

  • Remove any jewelry
  • Tie long hair back

Massage Therapy – Thai

Thai Massages at The Pilates Wellness Center follow a traditional based approach

  • You will be taken through a series of movements that combine myofacial release with assisted yoga postures
  • Based on your needs and abilities, your massage therapist will customize your session
  • If at any time any posture is uncomfortable, please let your massage therapist know

Session are 90 mins in length.

After a massage some people feel rejuvenated and energized, others blissful, while some feel slightly fatigued. It is not necessarily the same for everyone every time.


Check out

When your session is finished, exit the massage therapy room and our front desk staff will help you check out before you continue on with your day.

Please note: Gratuity is not included in the cost of the massage.  Should you like to tip your massage therapist, you may do so directly with them.