Thai Massage

thai-massage Thai massage integrates movements for the entire skeletal body, enhancing joint range of motion, increasing blood circulation to muscles and facia leaving you feeling calm yet pleasantly energized.

What is the general format of the Thai Massages sessions? Depending on your level and goals, your Massage Therapist will start with light gentle releasing poses and then progress through the Thai Massage series of assisted poses finishing with a meditation/guided visualization.

How long are the Thai Massage sessions? All Thai Massage sessions are 90 minutes long. All sessions start and finish on time, so please be on time to receive the full benefit from your session.

How many Thai Massage sessions do you suggest? For best results it’s recommended to take at least 1-2 Thai Massage sessions each month.

What age range is Thai Massage designed for? Thai Massage is for all ages from teenagers and above.

What do I wear to Thai Massage? Its best for Thai Massage sessions to wear cotton ankle length leggings, clean socks and a cotton top that covers your full torso (no tanks or sleeveless shirts, please!). Bring a bottle of water. Cotton clothing works best as it allows the Massage Therapist to create the friction necessary to release your facia. If clothing is “too slippery” then you will not be able to get as full of an experience.    

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