Online Pilates


Now Offering Online Pilates Classes

Virtual Pilates offered at The Pilates Wellness Center

Enjoy your Pilates Class anytime, anywhere

Whether you are at home, at your office or on the road, you can schedule a private Pilates class with Dr. Habanova. All Pilates classes are taught virtually through Skype or Facetime and are 50 mins in length. With Dr. Habanova’s customized Pilates class, she will ensure that you are achieving your Pilates workout using your own Pilates equipment (Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chair or Pilates Mat) while staying on track and meeting your fitness / rehabilitative goals. You can also record your Pilates class and make a Pilates video of the Pilates exercises. 

Online Pilates Sessions can be:

  • Pilates Mat with or without small props (foam roller, pilates ring, bands, etc..)
  • Pilates Equipment


Online Pilates Sessions available for:

  • New clients
  • Existing clients


What you’ll need:

  • A solid internet connection
  • A web cam with microphone
  • Skype account (PC or Mac) or Facetime (Mac)
  • Space to move
  • Mat or pilates equipment (pilates reformer or pilates chair)


Benefits of Virtual Pilates:

  • You can train with Dr. Habanova anywhere, anytime
  • Dr. Habanova’s expert eye on you giving you instant feedback and correction
  • Continuity with your in-studio pilates program when are traveling
  • Most important…ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

  Virtual Sessions at The Pilates Wellness Center       Virtual Pilates Sessions at The Pilates Wellness Center via Skpye   Virtual Pilates at The Pilates Wellness Center via Facetime