Pilates Equestrian

Health Through Balance

Being a balanced rider is very important. The Pilates Equestrian Program created by Dr. Habanova was developed for all types of riders who desire to improve their riding and partnership with their horse.   

Dr. Habanova will help you gain the skills and conditioning necessary to become balanced in your own body and hence become better balanced with your horse.

By participating in her comprehensive Pilates Equestrian Program, you will:

  • Create a Deeper Seat
  • Develop Balance & Symmetry
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Enhance Your Stamina
  • Increase Muscular Tone & Strength
  • Enhance Low Back Suppleness
  • Create Hip Independence
  • Correct Body Misalignments
  • Increase Core Abdominal Muscles
  • Improve Mind Body Consciousness
  • Improve Your posture
  • Heal Old Injuries
  • Prevent New Injuries
  • Enhance Your Riding Longevity
  • Enhanced Partnership with Your Horse
  • Become a Conditioned Equestrian Rider/Athlete

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Finding the Patterns

Dr. Habanova will conduct a thorough Equestrian Consultation and Evaluation using various assessments to determine:

  • static posture
  • dynamic posture
  • gait evaluation
  • balance/coordination
  • symmetry
  • compensation patterns
  • flexibility/mobility
  • movement patterns
  • functional strength
  • areas of weakness

Treating the Root

Dr. Habanova will design an Equestrian Pilates Program which meets your riding goals and is suitable for your body. You will receive supervised instruction during your session as well as personalized recommendations and homework to do in between your sessions. Since each session builds on the previous session, to ensure maximum success, consistency is a crucial component to your program. As you become more conditioned with each session, Dr. Habanova will advance your program appropriately. She encourages your equine trainer to become involved in your sessions so you can take what you learn in the studio into your lesson.

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Dr. Habanova has been privileged to work with the Wellington equestrian community and the Winter Equestrian Festival participants for over 15 years. She has worked with Dressage riders, Hunters/Jumpers and Polo Players of all ages. Due to her extensive background in Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Holistic Health, she is capable of addressing the changing needs of a rider ranging from back pain, various injuries, physical conditioning, peak performance training and lifestyle wellness coaching. 

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Pilates Equestrian Programs at The Pilates Wellness Center with Dr. Habanova


Dr. Habanova developed the Equestrian Pilates Program as seen in: “A Gymnastic Riding System using Mind, Body & Spirit”





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