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Health Through Balance – Pilates Fitness

Pilates Fitness is an intelligent exercise system that has become one of the most sought after exercise conditioning methods in the last decade due to its effectiveness. At The Pilates Wellness Center, Pilates Fitness is not about struggling or straining to get thru the exercises. Instead, it is about experiencing the coordinated movements using the correct muscle groups with focus and form.  Almost like a symphony of motion, where all the musical instruments are playing in harmony under the careful instructions of the conductor. This way your body becomes shaped all over without any stresses or strains. Specialized Pilates equipment is used to assist you in gaining the core strength, flexibility, tone, balance and mind/body understanding you need to develop a solid Pilates foundation using the Dr. Habanova’s Pilates Method to achieve a Leaner, Longer, Firmer & Stronger™ Pilates physique.

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